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Is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas during the pandemic? |

Is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas during the pandemic?

We’d like to share our travel experience to Cabo San Lucas. We didn’t come for the resorts. We came for an adventure, but more than that, we came to relax and do some soul-searching. We know it’s a tough time out there for everyone, so whatever you choose to do, be sure to proceed with precaution. It looks like COVID is going to be around for a long, long time. Wear your masks!

EatBailaTravel is one of the few (if not the only!) travel channels by mexican-americans. Our cultural backgrounds, languages, and upbringing inform the way we travel. We use our strengths to build a bridge between 2 countries who are often at odds with one another, and to build a community for those who can relate to the “ni de aquí ni de allá” complex.

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Flying and bus transportation:
The video starts with a summary of our Southwest flying experience during the pandemic and tips for saving money on a transportation into Cabo San Lucas from the San Jose del Cabo International Airport. The bus accepts USD and Mexican Pesos.

Exchanging money:
Casa de Cambios de San Jorge
Locals tell us the best currency exchange rates in Mexico are at Casa de Cambios de San Jorge. There are multiple locations. No need to exchange at the airport. The US dollar is accepted widely in Cabo.

Where we stayed:
Casa Malka – hotel boutique
Located 3 blocks from downtown Cabo and one mile from the beach. We booked through Airbnb. You can also try Booking.com

Where we ate
Los Claros – recommend taco camarón crunch and smoked marlin taco
Pezcabo – recommend torre de mariscos and almejas preparadas (great for lunch)
Cafe de Ciudad – recommend chilaquiles omelet (breakfast)
Aleta – recommend the Hiroshima roll and a shot of Sotol (snake-infused liquor)
Lapa Lapa – recommend the sashimi plate (all you can eat sushi sundays)
Los Tres Gallos – recommend arrachera steak and chocolate taco (great for dinner, live music from 7-10pm)
Tacos Guss – recommend tacos al pastor and fish taco
El Zarape – recommend tacos al pastor (great option for late night tacos)

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